Talent Assessments

Want to build an enthusiastic, motivated team?

Gaining a deeper understanding of your employee’s Performance Style (how one does their work) and Ambitions (why they do their work) is incredibly helpful as you build teams, make hiring decisions, choose who to promote into management roles, try to solve communication problems and more. A powerful way to gain this deeper understanding is through Talent Analytics.

Here’s a testimonial about our talent assessments from a customer in Philadelphia, PA:

We have worked with Garth Rose Consulting Group to review our current team’s skill set and roles. Garth assessed each team member and provided coaching on how to help these team members excel in the positions that they were placed. It was a very positive experience, and gave us valuable insight into motivating and training the team.  Garth provided excellent feedback in a professional manner and coached us on how to find the positive attributes of each person.

Owen Druckenmiller, Managing Director, Formcraft – July 2013

As of April 2016 we had worked with over 200 organizations across the world to assess their executives, their staff, and/or their salespeople. We have run over 3,000 assessments for those organizations and have provided feedback and coaching sessions to many of those businesses based on the assessments.

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