Sales Manager Training

Take the Training that has Helped over 600 Sales Managers

"As a research organization devoted to improving sales performance… the front-line sales manager in any sales organization is the fundamental link between strategy and execution – this is where change initiative and sales force transformations live or die." - The Challenger Sale

Garth Rose offers one on one coaching / training for sales managers using material that he used to create a sales manager training course that was delivered for member organizations of Universal Business Team, a global membership organization that spans 19 countries.

Garth Rose also offers group training for teams of six sales managers. This Universal Business Team course has been delivered to the front-line sales managers at over 600 organizations across the world.

  1. Sales Manager Training - Intro. In this four week Webinar-delivered course we introduce sales managers to the importance of qualifying leads, how to build and manage a sales pipeline, how to structure and run an effective sales meeting, how to coach sales reps for improved work performance and how to hold salespeople accountable and change their behavior - even if they are working in a family business.
  1. Sales Manager Training - Advanced. In this four week Webinar- delivered course we show sales managers how to build a well-structured annual sales plan and how to get their sales reps to build their own territory sales plans, how to build key account plans, advanced sales rep coaching techniques, how to set quotas, and how to build a lead generating machine.