Marketing Automation

Accelerate Sales with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation solutions (sometimes called Lead Nurturing systems) are essential technology solutions for any business with revenues above $1 million that has a large potential market and limited sales resources.

Your Marketing programs are generating leads but typically only 10% to 20% of them are “sales ready” so they get the sales attention and the rest of the leads are usually ignored. Research by Sirius Decisions reveals that an amazing 80% of leads that are disqualified by Sales go on to buy a solution within the next 24 months! Marketing Automation solutions automate the follow up and nurturing process on the ignored leads until they are ready for sales follow up.

Effective lead nurturing happens when the leads are segmented and information that is valuable to that particular segment is sent from time to time. This process maintains awareness for your products and services until the timing is right for your prospect to start the buying cycle.

Marketing Automation Dashboard


Marketing Automation systems can track email opens, clicks to links in emails, Web site page visits, landing page visits, time spent on pages, and more. Using these powerful tracking capabilities, when a lead starts to show more interest by opening your emails, clicking links, reading information, watching demo’s and attending events the marketing automation systems knows about it. By creating a “lead score” that correlates to the lead’s degree of interest the lead can immediately be assigned for Sales follow up at exactly the time when the prospect is interested.

According to Aberdeen Group research, Best in Class companies (the top 20%) have seen an astounding 59% increase in sales after implementing Marketing Automation solutions.

At Garth Rose Consulting Group we’ve been helping clients generate and nurture leads by using Marketing Automation technology since 2002.

Our services are:

  • Selecting a marketing automation solution
  • Marketing automation best practices consulting