Garth, it has been such a privilege to work with you – No doubt we will cross paths again shortly, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our work together and you have helped me move forward quicker in my career…

Shane Lawrenson, VP Sales & Marketing, EZSTAK - June 2015


We hired Garth Rose last year to help with coaching of sales staff and managing our Sales Pipeline. Garth helped us understand what good sales persons do and what Not so good sales persons will do and how to address those issues. After just a few weeks of training we had a pipeline, all opportunities were being tracked and sales staff were being held accountable for leads and opportunities they worked on. It was a pleasure working with Garth and I would recommend his coaching.

Jonathan Hunte | Sales Manager – Safeway Supply Inc. - March 2015


We have proved a lot of benefit in having our team assessed.  The Talent Analytics assessment pointed up specific underutilized talents, and in working with Garth Rose we were able to restructure and re-align the team to a much better use of potential.  We are only two weeks into 2014, and already proving the advantage of the ‘right persons in the right seats’.

Owen Lawrenson, President, Belroc Group Inc. - January 2014


Last year we hired Garth Rose to help GSG refine our sales strategy and tactics.  Garth’s advice was instrumental in our annual sales planning and our efforts towards building a larger and more productive channel sales program.  The entire GSG sales team always looked forward to our Thursday afternoon sessions with Garth and each one has built a host of invaluable sales and marketing skills.

Andy Goorno, CEO, GSG - December 2013


We have used Garth Rose Consulting Group to provide coaching on many challenges that arise in our business.  We’ve found the Performance Style and Ambitions assessments to be invaluable to make sure we’ve got the right people in the right seats.  We appreciate the process to validate the assessments, getting buy-in from the employees, and then the coaching required to become better aligned in our team.  Many thanks Garth!

Bob Mooney, Managing Director, Main St. Group, Inc. - August 2013


Within a year of working with Garth Rose, he has changed my life and my company. Garth has helped to transform Retrofit to be more productive and goal oriented.

Since I had a great experience in working with Garth, his credibility led me to refer several other CEOs. All of those referrals have had an excellent experience.

Through his consulting and coaching he has helped keep the company and myself focused. He brought big fundamental approaches to RetroFit that created opportunity for change and growth. Garth also helped me to hire a new President of Retrofit; I had the new President take over the day to day operations. Today, I am more structured and am able to do the things that I really want to do as CEO. This is the first time in 30 years that I have thought about retirement. If it weren't for Garth, I would have never been in this situation.

Garth is truly a remarkable individual, he has become one of my best friends, and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Timothy Lawlor, CEO, RetroFit Technologies ­ - July 2013


We have worked with Garth Rose Consulting Group to review our current team’s skill set and roles. Garth assessed each team member and provided coaching on how to help these team members excel in the positions that they were placed. It was a very positive experience, and gave us valuable insight into motivating and training the team.  Garth provided excellent feedback in a professional manner and coached us on how to find the positive attributes of each person.

Owen Druckenmiller, Managing Director, Formcraft – July 2013


Hi Garth, No secret, I never would have hired you or invited you in; even for free [Note that Garth was hired by Arthur the CEO]. I did mean what I said this morning. My time with you was well spent. I like to think I had most of what you brought to us but none of it was formally in place or being tracked. And, a lot of what you brought was not on my radar screen. I hope as the months go by to try and implement all that you taught us. This will be hard but for me it presents a clear management goal that I should make every effort to achieve. Thank you.

Ed Norton- COO/VP Sales. Interbit Data - June 2013


As a company we grew about 25% in 2012 and you were instrumental in helping me set the tone and the goals that sent us down the path to growth. Thank you for your help and expertise.

David Goldstein - CEO, TeamBonding - January 2013


I worked with Garth Rose at Manufacturing Enterprise Communications a division of Thomas Publishing Co LLC for several months on multiple projects.  One project was to review the current team's skill set and roles. Garth is an intense listener, uses proven techniques and process to deliver a valuable and thorough assessment report to management.  Garth's process-oriented nature kept us on track to meet our deadlines. He is well organized, prepared, polite and his pleasant attitude along with stern professionalism created a productive work atmosphere for all.

Reggie Rios - Director Customer Experience, Thomas Publishing - July 2012


Thank you for taking the time to meet with us to review our business and financial situation.  You provided some thought-provoking options and affirmed some things that we already knew were problematic.  However, hearing ideas from you had more impact that a husband/wife discussion over the family business.  In addition, you provided a fresh perspective on some things we had not considered and offered options that, albeit painful, we needed to hear.  It was probably the best 2 hours we have spent making an assessment of our business in a long time. Thanks again for your time and invaluable insight.

Kathy M. - Boston area business owner - July 2012


Two years ago we hired Garth to implement and train our firm how to use Salesforce. I was a tad bit skeptical since I’ve utilized several programs in the past and, while they are energetically embraced in the beginning, employees tend to revert back to what they felt worked in the past. Garth not only trained us on how to get the most from Salesforce but also showed us processes that are useful now and will work as we grow into the future. I’m happy to say that we will hit our audacious company goals this year, which is no small feat considering it’s one of the worst economies in decades. I definitely attribute a large part of this success to using Garth and his coaching with Salesforce. We continue to have Garth come in periodically to achieve maximum effectiveness and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any companies looking to streamline their sales.

Matt Field, Managing Partner, EBS Capstone - September 2011


Over the past six months, Garth has revamped our lead generation process, helped us hire a new inside sales person, and helped us better qualify our new sales opportunities.  I trust his excellent judgement and his ability to slice through the noise and keep us focused on what drives more leads.  We have now turned to Garth to both introduce our new sales process to other members of our sales team as well as for his executive coaching.  It’s not only a pleasure to work with him, but our results speak loudly for the strength of his program.  Thanks Garth.

Gary D. Levine, CEO, Two Step Software, Inc. - July 2011


We started to work with Garth Rose Consulting Group in January, 2010. Garth assessed and then realigned our sales & marketing staff, implemented a new lead generation process, streamlined our use of our Salesforce.com CRM, and provided executive coaching for myself and key members of my team. In the year and a half that we have been working with Garth Rose our company revenues have more than doubled; I highly recommend Garth Rose Consulting Group to other business owners looking to transform their sales & marketing processes and grow their businesses.

Matt Lock, CEO, Heathrow Group -  June, 2011


Garth was an invaluable help in reorganizing/revitalizing our Sales and Marketing departments. He was able to easily assess our needs in a unique industry and provided excellent coaching. We had a record breaking quarter as all of Garth's plans were put into action. I am happy to give Garth my highest recommendation and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Daniela Evan, Manager of Business Development, Off Wall Street Research - October 2010

As the CEO of my second rapidly growing business, I often go to Garth when I think things are going "too well" and want to see where we may be exposed. What I so value in Garth is that he quickly extracts a relevant experience from the various leadership positions he's held to help generate a solution for me.

Garth’s disciplined and organized ability to deliver concise and effective communication rivals that of the vast majority of the military contacts I've worked with when I was in the armed forces- a huge testimonial considering that those messages often dealt with life or death issues for our troops. His style is personal and collaborative yet critical; he recognizes that I didn't hire him to tell me how great we are, rather how we can build the business we envision. Our success is directly tied to his influence. I enjoy working with Garth and I highly recommend him.

David M. Gowel, CEO, Rockefeller Consulting Technology Integration - October 2010

I worked with Garth to revamp our lead generation process. He provided great insight on lead generation best practices and had a lot of knowledge of marketing automation. His coaching style makes him very easy to work with and he took the time to understand our business and listened to our requirements. As a result of Garth’s vision and direction we now have a streamlined process that works, enhanced sales and marketing alignment, and are tracking to much better business results – the ultimate goal.”

Rachael Erskine, Director of Marketing, Akibia - June 2010.


Your business coaching style was exactly what I was looking for: you were professional, intuitive, knowledgeable, and you brought a broad background in sales and business leadership to our sessions.

I appreciated your broad experience in real deals to provide perspectives on what I need to do to coach my reps to win. These were invaluable discussions that taught me strategies for the current opportunity and coaching tactics for the future.

Overall, you have provided me with excellent perspectives on my selling and management style and a toolset to be more effective day-to-day. I appreciate your assistance and would highly recommend you to anyone looking to improve their career.

Greg Millar, Regional Sales Manager, Akibia - April 2010


I've found the analysis of my sales team using the personality profiling and the ongoing support to be very helpful. I have also found your experience very useful in the marketing of our company, on the Web and in our customer presentations. You've challenged me on a personal level, and been able to get me to do the things that I knew I should have been doing but just couldn't fit in.

John Dudley, President, United Home Experts - June 2009


Garth proved to be a tremendous resource before and after our implementation of a marketing automation and lead management system.

David Karofsky, VP Marketing, InstallFree - May 2009