Talent Assessments

Over the past eight years we have done talent assessment work with more than 200 organizations across the world where employees and for-hire candidates have completed more than 3,000 assessments.

Talent assessments are key to getting the right people in the right seats in your company and that can lead directly to an increase in profits. Too many managers use "gut feel" for hiring, promotion and job placement. Talent assessments take away the guesswork and allow important decisions to be made based on data and facts.

Our process starts with an email invitation which you forward to anyone you want to assess. After the questionnaire is completed you immediately receive a 22 page summary report explaining the individual's Performance Style (how they go about their work) and their Ambitions (why they do what they do) and information like their preferred learning style, how best to manage them and potential gaps.

Sales Rep Training

In-the-field, in-person, and Webinar style sales rep training. We take your sales rep's skills to the next level.

Talent Assessments

Evaluate your most important asset - your people - with accurate and informative talent assessments.

Consulting for Rapid Growth

We've helped more than 60 businesses accelerate their growth with practical, hands-on consulting.

Leadership Training

We offer three innovative leadership training programs for current and future leaders.

Sales Manager Coaching

We love to share our 50 years of sales management experience with up-and-coming sales managers.

Sales Process Consulting

We have deep expertise in sales process. We quickly identify problems and help you to get them fixed.

How we help

Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in sales management. If you are dealing with a sales challenge we have the deep sales expertise to understand your issues and to rapidly implement effective solutions.
If your marketing needs a boost we can help. We've helped numerous clients create their marketing plan and calendar, build their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), develop their Buyer Persona, and create effective lead generation programs.
Technology gives your business an opportunity to gain efficiency, grow with fewer resources and potentially gain a competitive advantage. We've implemented Salesforce CRM more than 15 times and lately are involved in implementing marketing automation technology. Through a technology partnership we also help clients scope and build custom software applications.
It's easy to make hiring mistakes and they are costly. We go through a process to clarify who to hire, how to assess, how to interview, and how to onboard for a successful outcome.

Passionate about your success!

What we do

Garth Rose Consulting Group provides sales consulting, executive coaching, leadership training and talent assessment services to small and medium sized businesses across the world.

We work without contracts and strive to deliver value in every client engagement. Happy clients referring their friends is our primary source of new business.

Delivering value for over 8 years...

  • Testimonial #3

    We have used Garth Rose Consulting Group to provide coaching on many challenges that arise in our business.  We’ve found the Performance Style and Ambitions assessments to be invaluable to make sure we’ve got the right people in the right seats.  We appreciate the process to validate the assessments, getting…

    Bob Mooney, Managing Director, Main St. Group, Inc.
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  • Testimonial #2

    Two years ago we hired Garth to implement and train our firm how to use Salesforce. I was a tad bit skeptical... but Garth not only trained us on how to get the most from Salesforce but also showed us processes that are useful now and will work as we…

    Matt Field, Managing Partner, EBS Capstone
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  • Testimonial #1

    Garth’s style is personal and collaborative yet critical; he recognizes that I didn’t hire him to tell me how great we are, rather how we can build the business we envision. Our success is directly tied to his influence. I enjoy working with Garth and I highly recommend him.

    David M. Gowel, CEO, RockTech
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